Road Safety Organizations in America

Unfortunately, these days due to the fact that we have very powerful cars and our roads allow us to push the break, there are many drivers who actually exceed the speed limit and they cause all sort of accidents. In the United States, people tend to be a little bit more aggressive in traffic than in Europe due to the fact that there are extremely busy cities and plenty of highways. We will talk in the following about the best road safety organizations in America, where the teams do an absolutely amazing job.


Road Safe America

This non-profit organization highly promotes road safety. Road Safe America was actually founded by the parents of Cullum Owings, who unfortunately died after his car was struck by a truck. There was an article in New York Times magazine, in 2005, where this family attempts to have speed governors mandated for use on massive trucks. All these huge vehicles manufactured since 1992 come with governors installed as standard equipment. Furthermore, it is the argument of RSA that these governors must be set at 65-mile per hour for all trucks. This amazing organization has been supported and joined by the American Trucking Associations, several insurance companies, and plenty of national carriers in the petition for the Department of Transportation for a specific regulation regarding the use of these speed limiters.

Get Real Behind the Wheel

Another wonderful road safety organization in America that definitely does an excellent job is Get Real Behind the Wheel. This story started in 2007 when Ken Ucci and his family lost their son, who was actually killed when the car he was riding in slammed into a light pole. Ken started a program in Central California and joined forces in a motivating campaign in order to bring awareness to teens about the dangers that speeding involves, and to also educate parents regarding the importance of teaching their children to be responsible behind the wheel. After lots of work and dedication of a large number of volunteers and partners, this organization was born and has grown quite a lot over the years. Get Real Behind the Wheel truly believes that by promoting teens and parents at the same time accountability, definitely creates safer driving conditions for all drivers.

National Road Safety Foundation

The mission of this non-profit charitable organization is dedicated to highly reducing car crashes, deaths, as well as injuries on the US’s roads, by promoting safe driving behavior through excellent public awareness. National Road Safety provides documentaries, lots of educational programs, and many public service campaigns for broadcast and for safety use. More than one-million copies of films and public service campaigns have been sent to American schools so that teenagers can be very well informed regarding the dangers that driving has if it is not done properly. This organization’s programs are related to distracted driving, impaired driving, speed, aggression, drowsy driving, senior driving, and more. National Road Safety Foundation also works with key youth advocacy groups as well as sponsors contests in order to engage teens in promoting safe driving to their peers and also in their communities.

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