Guide to Driving in the US

Are you planning a trip to the United States and you want to hire a car when you actually get there but have no idea what driving in America involves? Is it different than it is in other countries? Are the rules and regulations the same? If you ask yourself these questions, then you definitely need to continue reading this article as we will give you a quick guide to driving in the US.


First of all, fuel in America is extremely cheap. It costs only a fraction of what it does in Ireland, for example. You should also note that the listed price in the US fuel stations is listed in gallons. One little yet very useful tip when filling up in the US is that the petrol pumps are marked black whereas diesel pumps are marked green, which is actually the opposite of how they are in Europe. If your plan is to drive in the USA, then the good news is that every airport has several car hire agencies where you can easily and quickly get a car at an affordable price and use it during your stay. Be aware that most of these companies are geared towards American drivers and so will not provide car insurance in their total price. Therefore, make sure you are very well informed about this aspect, and always ask about insurance in case it is not obvious that it is included in your full cost.


You need to choose wisely. SUVs are excellent if you travel with the entire family whereas a small-class car would be more suitable for those who travel alone. Just be ready to exercise caution when parking. You need to familiarise yourself with an automatic transmission because most car-hire agencies offer this type of vehicles. They are very easy to use, but it would be a good idea to drive one before you actually rent a vehicle with an automatic transmission. In case you don’t already own an international permit then you must get one. You will not be able to drive in the United States in case you don’t have one. Therefore, be prepared. American car rental agencies will provide basic insurance and most of all they will try to sell you a more comprehensive level of cover, often extremely expensive.


The basic insurance covers you with a huge excess, which means that you should better look for deals on car hire excess insurance before you actually leave. Keep this useful tip in mind for when you plan to visit the US. You should also familiarize with traffic laws. Many of the road signs are self-explanatory but you must be very-well informed before you actually get into the car and drive, especially if you are going to do this in the busiest cities. If you are already planning your trip to the US, and you are going alone, then we recommend finding a lovely escort once you get there, in order to make the most of your time spent in America. There are plenty of beautiful and smart American escorts which you can pay for company. Therefore, go for one and enjoy driving and your vacation to the fullest.


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